Dock Installation Windham, ME

Make Your Waterway More Accessible

Get a custom dock installation for your home

Whether you live on a river or a lake, a dock will be a useful addition to your home. You can sunbathe, get in and out of the water easily and tie up your water vehicle. Patriot Landscaping partners with Eastern Township Docks to provide dock installation to residents in the Newport, Maine area.

Our crew can install...

  • A floating dock
  • A dock on posts
  • Dock accessories
  • Boat lifts

Decks can be built from cedar, aluminum and ThruFlow. We'll work with you to design a deck that's both functional and attractive.

Schedule a dock installation today in Newport, ME or the surrounding areas.

We'll put the finishing touches on your dock

Design a dock that suits your needs by adding dock accessories. We can install many kinds of features including ladders, handrails, benches and storage racks. These additions will improve the functionality and safety of your dock. Accessories are available for floating docks, docks on posts and boat lifts.

Call us at 207-356-5400 for more information about docks and dock accessories.